• Based on the original work by Gavin Norman.
  • Conversion by csdip.

General Notes

  • Any monsters with the same name as monsters in the list on the Cairn website are included with only cosmetic alterations.

Monsters or NPCs

Carcass Crawler

Monster 1

  • 5 HP, 1 Armor, 14 STR, 11 DEX, Tentacles (Paralysis, blast)
  • 9’ Long, 3’ high, many-legged, segmented worms with a ring of 2’ long tentacles around their mouths.
  • A hit by a tentacle causes paralysis for 2d4 turns (WIL save); paralysed victims will be devoured, if the crawler is left in peace.
  • Can walk on walls and ceilings

Carcass Crawler Larva

Monster 2

  • 2 HP, 10 STR, 8 DEX, Tentacle (Paralysis)
  • 2’ long pale, jittery, green maggots.
  • Live inside corpses while they mature.
  • Attack if their meal is disturbed; a hit causes paralysis for 1d4 turns.

Cave Turtle

Monster 3

  • 6 HP, 13 STR, 9 DEX, bite (d6)
  • Large, ghostly white turtle with pupilless, purple eyes.
  • Hides and attempts to drag its victims into water.
  • Critical: victim is dragged into the water.

Centipede, Giant

Monster 4

  • 0 HP, 10 STR, 10 DEX, 3 WIL, bite (poison)
  • 1’ long centipedes that dwell in dark, damp locations.
  • Their poison causes victims to become horribly sick for d6 days (STR save): no physical activity possible except half speed movement.
  • Avoid light sources and bite only if cornered or attacked.

Coffer Corpse

Monster 5

  • 4 HP, 10 STR, 10 DEX, 12 WIL, grasp (d6)
  • Mummified, emaciated, bandage-wrapped corpse with malevolent, glowing, green eyes.
  • Silent until attacking and immune to mundane weapons and damage that would only affect living things (poison, disease, etc.), though the corpse will pretend to take damage if attacked in this way, rising again to terrify its attackers.
  • Critical (throttle): the corpse’s hands lock around the victim’s throat, inflicting d6 automatic damage each subsequent round.

Demon, Ooze

Monster 6

  • 7 HP, 2 Armor, 13 STR, 14 WIL, tendrils (2×d6, keep highest), thermokinesis (1d4 damage per round for 3 rounds), mind control (WIL save)
  • Conical ooze mound, putrid green with brown blobs, covered in slurping orifices of uncertain function.
  • Barbed tendrils lash relentlessly.
  • Mind control gives the ooze demon control of the victim for 1d6 rounds; if commanded to do acts against their nature or that are self-destructive, another save is made

Dissolved One

Monster 7

  • 4 HP,  9 STR, 9 DEX, disintegrating touch (d4)
  • Green humanoid jelly surrounding a human skull with glowing yellow eyes.
  • Slumps against walls until intruders arrive.
  • If touch attack reduces STR to 0, only the victim’s skull and equipment survive the disintegration, the skull reanimating as a Dissolved One in d6 days unless destroyed.


Monster 8

  • 6 HP, 2 Armor, 12 STR, 12 DEX, bite (d8)
  • Intelligent, human-sized shape-shifters of wicked character and highly magical nature.
  • Will attempt to kill a PC, take on their role, then attack the party by surprise (e.g. during a battle).
  • Unaffected by sleep and charm.

Dream Dragon

Monster 9

  • 8 HP, 1 Armor, 12 STR, breath (sleep, blast; 3 per day), bite (d8×2 keep highest), claw (d4×2 keep highest)
  • 15’ long wyrm, pearlescent scales, studded with glowing pink and green crystals.
  • Speaks rudimentary common, hissing and fuming.
  • If asleep, attacks against the dragon are Enhanced.


Monster 10

  • 4 HP, 2 Armor, 14 STR, hammer (d8)
  • Short and bulky, bearded humanoids who dwell in mountains and underground.
  • Can see perfectly in low-light and partially in darkness.
  • Highly resistant to poison and disease.

Floating Bubbles

Monster 11

  • 5 HP, 2 Armor, 10 STR, 12 DEX, bubble stream (d3, WIL save or a random magic item carried explodes dealing d6 damage)
  • Mass of floating, bright pink, opaque, slowly rotating bubbles with a potent ammonia smell.
  • Can seep through small spaces.
  • Mindlessly seeks to destroy life.

Frog, Giant Mutant

Monster 12

  • 3 HP, 1 Armor, 11 STR, 13 DEX, 8 WIL, talons (2d2), bite (d4+1)
  • Bulbous, slimy, and riddled with tumors.
  • Engage in ritual battles with one another to assert dominance.
  • Critical: knock victim to the ground.

Gelatinous Squirm

Monster 13

  • 4 HP, 10 STR, 12 DEX, bite (d3)
  • 4’ translucent, slug-like, slimy thing.
  • Lurks on ceilings.
  • Mindlessly hungers for living flesh, dropping on anything that walks by.

Gibbering Mouther

Monster 14

  • 6 HP, 3 armor, 10 STR, 12 DEX, bite (d6, blast), gibbering (WIL save or victims are maddened - roll d8 (1=move randomly, 2-5 no action, 6-7 attack nearest creature, 8 flee))
  • Mound of rubbery jelly covered in hundreds of deranged eyes and mouths, appearing to be an earthen mound while motionless.
  • Waits for victims to approach before gibbering.
  • Critical: victim makes a DEX save or slips on the mouther’s ooze.


Monster 15

  • 3 HP, 1 Armor, 13 STR, 12 DEX, 9 WIL, shield, spear (d8)
  • Humanoid Hireling.
  • Works for the coin.
  • Critical: before the Guard’s next turn, the victim’s next save is impaired or the next attack on them is enhanced

Imperial Prismist

Monster 16

  • 7 HP, 8 STR, 11 DEX, 14 WIL, dirk (d4+1), Spellbook (Colour spray, hypnotism, invisibility, mirror image, spectral force)
  • Purple robes embroidered with fine, swirling patterns in gold thread.
  • Staff topped with a glowing, orange prism.
  • .Engrossed in research, fears intruders will alert local authorities.


Monster 17

  • 4 HP, 8 STR, 13 DEX, dagger (d6)
  • Small canine humanoids with hairless, scaly, red-brown skin. Dwell deep underground.
  • Can see perfectly in the dark, but are harmed by sunlight.
  • Ambush their victims in dark caves and tunnels.

Lizard Man

Monster 18

  • 4 HP, 1 Armor, 14 STR, 12 DEX, bone spear (d8)
  • Aquatic humanoids with reptilian heads and tails. Dwell in jungles nearby bodies of water.
  • Craft their Armors and weapons from the bones of their prey.
  • Carnivorous, hunt other humanoids, whose flesh they regard as a delicacy.

Monkey, Red-Cap

Monster 19

  • 0 HP, 8 STR, 15 DEX, 8 WIL, claws (1)
  • Cute, playful, swimming monkeys.
  • Main priority: lounging.
  • If the monkey has eaten bubble moss, it can breathe underwater for the next hour.


Monster 20

  • 4 HP, 9 STR, 12 DEX, 15 WIL, dagger (d6), spellbook (raise dead), spell scrolls (charm, raise spirit, detect magic, body swap)
  • Death wizard in black robes.
  • Creepy vibes.
  • Does not fight to the death; prefers to gain knowledge and will barter

Ooze Wight (Acolyte)

Monster 21

  • 4 HP, 12 STR, sword (d8, bulky)
  • Bloated corpse with corrupted flesh, purple slime oozing from eye sockets.
  • Carries a ritual sword with a long, black blade.
  • Unharmed by mundane attacks and effects that would only damage the living; immune to magical effects that read minds.
  • If killed, bursts in a fountain of purple ooze (d6, blast).

Ooze Wight (High Priestess)

Monster 22

  • 5 HP, 8 STR, 11 WIL, touch (d6 necrosis + paralysis, 1 round)
  • A bloated, pallid corpse covered in pustules leaking fluorescent green slime; she has three eyes, two milky and blind, a third large and central red one.
  • Wears gold jewelry of obvious value and purple robes of silk, embroidered with golden runes.
  • Unharmed by mundane attacks and effects that would only damage the living; immune to magical effects that read minds.
  • Critical: WIL save or necrosis damage to HP is permanent and can be repaired only by sufficient magical intervention.

Prismatic Shade

Monster 23

  • 3 HP, 8 STR, 11 WIL, touch (paralysis, 1 round)
  • Incorporeal humanoid formed of shifting, rainbow-coloured lights (bright then dim).
  • Two-dimensional (always facing viewer), lurking in corners; can squeeze through tight spaces.
  • Unharmed by mundane attacks.

Sentient Dream

Monster 24

  • 4 HP, 8 STR, 14 WIL, touch (d4+wisdom drain)
  • Humanoid shadow, bent over and mumbling.
  • Unharmed by mundane attacks.
  • Touch attack: WIL save or take 1 WIL damage, bypassing HP.

Skeleton, Jellied

Monster 26

  • 4 HP, 9 STR, 8 WIL, touch (d4 acid damage)
  • Blackened humanoid bones coated in translucent jelly, usually found motionless due to prolonged boredom.
  • Minds and memories addled with centuries of neglect, speaking antiquated Common.
  • Critical Damage: reduces victim’s armor by 1.

Slime, Ebony

Monster 27

  • 5 HP, 12 STR, engulf (d6)
  • Jet black slime that lurks on walls and ceilings.
  • Immune to damage except by cold or fire.
  • Critical Damage: the victim is engulfed, takes d6 damage per round, and cannot move or attack (DEX or STR save to escape).


Monster 28

  • 2HP, 8 STR, bite (d4)
  • 1’ slug with human-like baby face and retractable eye stalk-tentacles.
  • Hungry for fresh meat.
  • If killed, explodes in a burst of acidic goo (d2, blast).


Monster 29

  • 4 HP, 12 DEX, claws (2×d6 keep highest)
  • Intelligent, reptilian humanoids with agile hands, long legs, short tails, and spiky combs on their heads and arms.
  • Can change color to match their surroundings. Lurk by rock walls and await victims.
  • Emits an oil with a nauseating stench from its pores.


Monster 25

  • 4 HP, 8 STR, 14 WIL, touch (d6, ignores armor)
  • Incorporeal monsters that look like living shadows.
  • Unharmed by mundane attacks, sleep, or mind control.
  • Critical Damage: The victim loses another d4 STR, if reduced to 0 STR, they become a shadow.

Zombie Janitor

Monster 30

  • 2 HP, 14 STR, 6 DEX, 3 WIL, broom (d6)
  • Slow, mindless humanoid corpses dressed like waiters, reanimated as servants; always act last in combat.
  • Animate when anyone enters, grabbing their brooms and awaiting instructions; only attack if PCs disturb things.
  • Immune to mind altering effects and sleep.


Location 2

Pulsating Crystals

  • Gazing into the crystals, PCs whose highest attribute is WIL feel mentally cleansed, healing 1 STR or 1 HP. Others feel paranoid: their attacks hit for -1 damage and take a +1 penalty to saves for 3 rounds.

Location 3

Scarlet Pimperelles

  • Eating: Roll 1d6: 1: Faint for 1d6 turns (unaffected by eating more); 2-3: heal 1 HP; 4-5: STR save or violently vomit; 6: no effect.

Location 8

Opening the door

  • Characters in front of the door make a DEX save or suffer 1d8 acid damage. Characters to the west make a DEX save with a -2 bonus or suffer 1d4 acid damage.

Location 10

Spellbook: Gelatinous Transformation

  • Equivalent to Ooze Form.

Location 12

Pulling the lever

  • All characters who can see the light must make a WIL save or be driven berserk for 1d6 rounds, attacking the nearest PC, NPC, or monster.

Location 16

Pulling the lever

  • Roll 1d6: 1-3: activates (or deactivates, if active) a shimmering blue force field across the bars; 4-5: electric shock (d4 damage); 6: electric explosion (2d4 damage, blast (DEX save for half damage)).

Location 17

Orange Gel Tank (Centre)

  • Touching: 2-in-6 chance the tank collapses. All present must make a DEX save or suffer 1d6 damage and be coated in gel.

Location 21

Touching the statue

  • STR save or be disintegrated, except the skull.

Location 24

Floating Puffballs

  • Breathing spores: DEX save or suffer 1 damage (choking) and become lighter than air for 2d6 rounds (1/2 movement, -2 to Armor, -1 penalty to attack damage).

Location 27

Silver Necklace with a Pearl

  • 3 charges. -2 bonus to WIL saves against magical effects. Recharge: Sink a fishing vessel.

Location 28

Looting the chalices

  • 1 is magical: once daily, a character drinking blood from it heals 1d6+1 STR and/or HP.

Location 31

Vile stench

  • STR save or suffer -1 attack damage while in this area.

Location 34

Jagged-bladed short sword

  • 3 charges. +2 attack damage in combat when the wielder succeeded on their initial DEX save and +2 Armor if they failed. Recharge: lose more than you own at gambling.

Location 39

Poison Gas Trap

  • The gas: PCs inside must make a STR save or be reduced to 0 HP, 0 STR.

Location 41


  • 2-in-6 chance the ceiling collapses dealing 1d6 damage to all within (DEX save to take half damage).

Location 46

Night Horns

  • Eating: Roll 1d6. 1-3: gain infravision for 6 rounds; 4-5: blurred vision for 6 rounds (-1 to attack damage); 6 blindness for 6 rounds.

Location 47

Setting foot on the island

  • Awakens the ooze wights, which emerge from their coffers.

Location 49

Stepping onto the sand

  • Witnesses must make a WIL save or be unable to perceive the passageway leading to Area 50 for 24 hours.

Location 51

12 Tomes

  • Treatises on illusion magic and spell books for Auditory Illusion, Illuminate, Mirror Image, Shroud, and Visual Illusion. Other spellbooks may be substituted at the Warden’s discretion.

Location 52


  • WIL save or blinded for 1d6 rounds.

Location 53

Drinking the water

  • STR save or fall unconscious for 1d12 hours, dreaming of a great treasure hoard.

Entering the pool

  • If naked, recover 1 STR or 1 HP per round spent bathing (max combined recovery of 6).