If Cairn’s default spells don’t exactly fit what you’re looking for, look for it in the d666 table below.
Note assume damage rolls are against HP unless otherwise noted (e.g. 1d6 damage vs 1d6 STR loss).

111 Adaptive Skin Target can exist comfortably in hot or cold environments.
112 Addle Brain Target must pass WIL save or drop to 0 WIL for 1 hour.
113 Animal Call Summons a mundane beast. It holds no loyalty towards you or your allies.
114 Anti-Magic Globe A thin shell of magical protection surrounds a small area around the caster. For every additional minute the globe is active they take one additional Fatigue.
115 Arachnid’s Finesse Target can walk on walls and ceilings.
116 Arcane Arrow Green energy bursts from your fingers, dealing 1d6 damage and ignoring mundane armor.
121 Arcane Confinement Target is bound by magical rope, able only to speak but nothing more.
122 Arcane Epistle You write a letter that only its intended reader can understand.
123 Arcane Fireworks Target flame becomes a great conflagration of heat, light and sound.
124 Arcane Stain Inscribes an invisible rune you can feel. Suffer 1d4 WIL loss if removed.
125 Architect’s Eye Any hidden doors within 60ft light up as if on fire.
126 Architect’s Perfection Create a holographic wall, floor, or ceiling that looks absolutely real.
131 Astral Step You and anyone touching you instantly transport to a known location you have been to before.
132 Banishment WIL save or creature to returns to native plane.
133 Become Unseen Target becomes invisible for 1 hour, and are still able use abilities and attack without detection. Afterwards they become incapacitated (deprived)
134 Beguilement Target humanoid must make a WIL save or is controlled telepathically.
135 Bewildering Fog A hazy fog surrounds you in a radius of 20ft. Attacks within the mist are impaired.
136 Blazing Defense You manifest a shield of flame (+1 Armor, 1d6 damage). Fire cannot hurt you.
141 Blessing Target’s attacks are enhanced and non-Blast attacks are impaired against them until they next take damage.
142 Bolster A person you can see is emboldened by your words for a few minutes: their attacks are enhanced and they cannot become deprived.
143 Bound Target can make a single jump to any place they can see.
144 Boundless Message Delivers a single sentence to any one creature instantaneously, no matter the distance.
145 Breath Soup Blocks vision and slows movement.
146 Burning Missile You fire an acid missile that does 1d6 damage to a target for every round it is not washed off.
151 Burnishing Bubble Target is enclosed by an impenetrable sphere that rolls along the ground, unless they pass a DEX save.
152 Calcify Target object turns to stone at the caster’s touch. Living targets save vs STR.
153 Catsense Target has heightened senses for the next hour, especially at night.
154 Chilling Graze Target loses 1d4+1 STR and is deprived.
155 Cinder Flesh Energy beams burn enemies (1d10 blast damage) in a straight line.
156 Circle of Arcane Protection Magical or godly beings cannot enter a 10ft circle.
161 Cleanse Rotten or poisoned food becomes edible.
162 Cold Spray A spray of cold air does d6 damage 20ft in one direction.
163 Conceal Object Masks an object against divination or scrying.
164 Conquer Gravity Target moves up or down according to your whims.
165 Cosmic Fingertips Your hands sculpt stone, rock or minerals into any form you please.
166 Coup de Grâce An ally’s next attack ignores armor and takes damage directly from their target’s STR.
211 Craft from Clay Any natural, earthen target is transformed (rock to mud, lava to rock, etc).
212 Create Unlife Creates 1d4 undead skeletons and zombies from corpses. WIL save every hour to control them.
213 Curse of the Sightless Anyone within eyesight must make a WIL save or be blinded.
214 Curse Unlife Deals 1d4+2 STR loss to one undead, ignoring armor and resistances.
215 Cure-All A single illness or disease dissipates at your touch.
216 Cute Ink A single page in a book can be altered to hide its true content.
221 Darksight Target can see 60 ft. in total darkness.
222 Death’s Breath You summon a poisonous cloud (d6 STR loss) you can control.
223 Devil’s Comedian WIL save or target laughs uncontrollably, unable to take any action.
224 Disaster Fluid Anything in a 10ft square becomes slippery; DEX save to avoid slipping.
225 Disrupt Scry Future divinations of one creature or object are misled according to your will.
226 Doppleganger You spawn 1d6 decoy duplicates of someone you touch. Decoys are dispelled with a touch.
231 Doubleskin Target humanoid doubles in size.
232 Dreampoison Target is deprived after suffering a night of bad dreams.
233 Dreamtalker Sends a message to anyone currently asleep.
234 Earsplit Anyone within earshot is deafened.
235 Easy Descent Objects or creatures nearby fall very slowly.
236 Edifice You summon a stone wall up to 20ft wide that you can control.
241 Energize Rope A rope-like objects moves at your command.
242 Ensorcelled Creatures are enraptured for a few minutes unless they pass a WIL save.
243 Envision Spies on a target you have met, even across vast distances. On a WIL save, they can feel your presence.
244 Ephemeral Audio Point to a spot. Anyone nearby hears a sound you choose at any volume.
245 Epidemic Infects target with disease, which spreads until the source of magic is destroyed.
246 Extraplanar Convocation Summons any extraplanar being onto your plane. It holds no loyalty towards you or your allies.
251 Extraplanar Request Ask a single question of a random extraplanar entity.
252 Feline Dexterity Target becomes limber, lithe and as fast as quicksilver.
253 Find Virulence Detects poison in any creature or object within 30ft.
254 Fire Curse An object you touch is imbued with a hidden flame-trap dealing 1d4+2 STR loss.
255 Firey Missile A bow you touch can fire flaming arrows (1d10 damage) for one minute.
256 Fish Lung A target can breathe underwater until they surface again.
261 Fleetfooted One creature moves at double speed.
262 Flicker Target randomly vanishes and reappears once at will.
263 Fog of Nausea A cloud of nauseating vapors pours out from the Spellbook’s pages. Anyone nearby makes a STR save or vomit uncontrollably.
264 Fold Portal A door you touch opens into another door you’ve stepped through before until it is shut again.
265 Foolishness A target you touch becomes vulnerable to wild mood swings, sweeping conclusions and silly behavior. They also lose 1d6 WIL for 24 hours (down to a minimum of 1).
266 Fortify Damage from heat, ice, acid or electricity are impaired against a target for the next hour.
311 Frozen Corpse A corpse you touch is preserved.
312 Gale You summon an impenetrable wall of energy up to 15ft wide.
313 Ghost Whisper You and a sympathetic ally are linked, able to converse in short sentences for an hour.
314 Gift of Flight Target can fly for a short while.
315 Glacier You create a wall of ice (15 HP, 3 Armor) around a creature you choose.
316 Gorgon’s Gaze Target is transformed into a statue on a failed WIL save. A success reverses the spell; holder must pass a WIL save or the book is destroyed.
321 Great Ball of Fire You fire a ball of flame (1d10 damage) up to 20 feet away.
322 Hand of the Protector A giant, floating hand blocks all damage from a single opponent until you are safe from danger.
323 Healing Grace A target heals 1d6 STR, and you become deprived until you take the time to mediate, pray or sleep.
324 Heatless Torch Turns any object into a permanent, heatless torch.
325 Hedgemagick You perform a minor magical trick (create flame, wind, light or sound).
326 Hempen Hoop A rope moves at your command.
331 Hide Mind The next person to scry your mind or your whereabouts is fooled.
332 Hoodwink Monster Target monster makes a WIL save or treats you as an ally.
333 Hoodwink Person Target becomes a friend until out of sight.
334 Hovering Protection A hovering, transparent disk materializes around an ally granting 1 Armor.
335 Ice Ray Ice and snow flow from your fingerprints, dealing 1d8 damage (blast) in a straight line.
336 Icy Tempest Hail deals 1d12 damage in a 20ft radius.
341 Ill Fate Target automatically fails next their next save.
342 Illusory Landscape You can make one type of terrain appear like another.
343 Incorporeal Shrug Ignore any one attack.
344 Induce Despair Target must pass a WIL save or its attacks are impaired.
345 Induce Horror Target makes a WIL save or flees.
346 Inferno You summon a flaming wall up to 15ft wide. Anyone passing through suffers 1d6 STR loss.
351 Influence Target gains armor 3 but running and swimming are impossible.
352 Insubstantiate Target becomes insubstantial and can float.
353 Kraken’s Curse Tentacles grapple all within 20 ft, STR save to break free.
354 Lamp’s Hue Target object shines like a torch for one hour.
355 Latch An unlocked box, cabinet or door opens or closes at your command.
356 Librarian’s Trap Deals 1d4+2 STR loss when read.
361 Lichsense You feel any undead within 60ft. WIL save to avoid detection by intelligent undead.
362 Light Show You control a dazzling display of light and color.
363 Lightning Strike Electricity flings from your fingertips doing 1d12 damage (blast) in a line.
364 Linguist For the next hour you can speak and understand any mundane language.
365 Magic Seal Magically locks a door, portal or chest.
366 Major Genesis Creates an object of nonliving stone or metal no greater than 5 cubic foot in size.
411 Maker Transforms raw materials into finished items.
412 Manic Fury A target’s attacks are enhanced. They must make a WIL save after a successful killing or lose control, attacking anyone in sight.
413 Masquerade You assume the likeness of a similar creature you have seen.
414 Master Undead Undead creatures obey your command. Intelligent undead make a WIL save.
415 Mental Tripwire Intruders set off an alarm audible only to you.
416 Mind Bond Two allies can communicate via a mental link for the rest of the day.
421 Mind Reader You can see or hear any person you have met before.
422 Miniaturize An object shrinks to one tenth its size.
423 Minor Aegis A target you touch ignores the next instance of harm from a specific source.
424 Minor Genesis Creates an object of nonliving matter no greater than one cubic foot in size.
425 Mirage You summon a noiseless & simple illusion of your choice.
426 Molasses Veins A single target moves at half speed.
431 Murky Bubble You create a bubble supernatural shadow within a 20ft radius.
432 Necrotic Touch Target must DEX save or is paralyzed.
433 Obfuscate Target cannot be observed either through divination or scrying.
434 Obfuscation Changes your appearance.
435 Obscuring Mist A rolling fog obscures vision in a 300ft radius.
436 Opaque Cover Details about your person become obscured and unmemorable.
441 Orb of Ignus You control a floating ball of fire (1d8 damage) for a short while.
442 Orb of Immortality Mundane attacks cannot harm anyone within a 10ft radius, or vice-versa.
443 Otherwordly Pet Summons an unintelligent extraplanar creature up to the size of a small dog. It holds no loyalty towards you or your allies.
444 Otherworldly Gate Opens a portal to another reality. It works in both directions.
445 Paincurrent An arc of electricity passes from your fingertips to a target you touch. They take 1d8 damage (1d12 if wearing metal armor).
446 Passage Creates a temporary passage through wood, stone or brick.
451 Passive Invisibility Target is invisible until they attempt harm.
452 Peeping Warlock You control a pair of floating eyes so long as yours remain closed.
453 Perfect Illusion Creates an image with sound, smell and thermal effects, activated according to a trigger you choose. Touching the image or making a successful WIL save will reveal the illusion.
454 Perfect Preservation A weapon you touch becomes immune to wear, mundane damage or elemental effects. The spell wears off after a day.
455 Phantom Hound A ghostly canine (4 HP, bite (1d4)) obeys your commands for up to one hour.
456 Phase Anchor Binds an extraplanar creature to your will until it performs a task specific task, after which they must pass a WIL save to escape (good luck).
461 Phase Sneak Anyone within a 10ft radius is rendered invisible.
462 Phase Touch A disembodied, floating hand obeys your whims but is immaterial. The next Spellbook, ability or item that relies on touch now works from a distance.
463 Philolomancy You understand all spoken and written languages.
464 Philosopher’s Mind Target is immune to spiritual or psychic attacks, as well as any attempts at mental or spiritual manipulation or persuasion.
465 Planar Anchor Bars extradimensional movement.
466 Plant Scourge Plants within eyesight wither and die.
511 Pocket Container Summons a chest from an immaterial plane. It holds up to 6 items. The chest is dismissed at will.
512 Pocket Sun You create a halo of bright light in a 60ft radius.
513 Prisma Shard An array of hypnotic lights fascinate nearby creatures, unless they pass a WIL save.
514 Profane Reveal Target an empty space to reveal invisible objects or creatures.
515 Psychic Eye Invisible floating eye allowing you to observe a single location as present.
516 Psychokinesis Magically moves an object up to half your weight.
521 Puppeteer You can throw your voice a great distance away
522 Purge Text Mundane or magical writing vanishes at your touch.
523 Pyramid of Passivity Target creatures must make a DEX save or their attacks are impaired.
524 Pyschic Touch You can hear target’s surface thoughts, so long as you touch them.
525 Rat-Tat-Tat Loudly opens a locked or magically sealed door or chest.
526 Ravenless Message You send a short message 1 mile that anyone along its path can hear.
531 Reject Unlife Nearby undead are immobilized for 30 seconds or until you take another action.
532 Remembered Voice A spot you mark becomes the trigger for a supernatural recording of your voice, delivering a short message of your choice.
533 Reverie Targets become dazed for a moment, as if lost in daydream.
534 Runic Harm A rune you draw causes great pain to the reader, who must WIL save or scream until they pass out (1d4 WIL loss). A successful save destroys the rune.
535 Runic Slumber A rune you draw puts the reader into a magical sleep that lasts 1d6 hours.
536 Safe Haven You summon a floating, invisible refuge for 8 hours. It fits up to 8 people comfortably.
541 Scintillate Target must WIL save or their attacks become impaired.
542 Scry Creature Indicates the precise location of a familiar creature.
543 Scry Object Indicates the precise location of an object, known or otherwise.
544 Scrying Ward For 24 hours you become aware of any magical eavesdropping.
545 Sculpt Water Raise, lower or part nearby water.
546 Secret Attaché You summon an invisible creature of great power that obeys your every command. Reading from other Spellbooks dispels the creature.
551 Shelter Creates a standing edifice that can shelter up to 10 creatures, disappearing after 24 hours.
552 Shrinking Cant A humanoid creature you touch halves in size.
553 Signal Sends up a flare that can be seen for some distance.
554 Simple Illusion Creates a simple image with sound. A cursory investigation will reveal the illusory image.
555 Sinister Flame Target’s palms are lined with flames (1d4+1 STR loss) for one minute.
556 Sinister Polymorph WIL save or target is transformed into a harmless animal.
561 Skillfull Repair You make minor repairs to a nonliving object.
562 Sky Raft You summon a 3ft wide floating disk that holds up to 100lbs.
563 Solar Portal Sends an extraplanar message to all beings that wish to enter your plane. You have no choice which being answers and it holds no loyalty to you or your allies.
564 Song of Repose Target falls into a deep slumber.
565 Sonic Shattering A sonic wave causes 1d6 STR loss to susceptible objects or crystalline creatures, ignoring armor.
566 Sorcerer’s Lock Any door (magical or otherwise) is held shut until you leave its vicinity.
611 Soul Annex Target’s spirit is caged within their body and replaced with the caster’s. If the body is slain the original soul departs, but the caster must pass a WIL save to return to their body.
612 Steer’s Strength Target’s strength triples; unarmed attacks are enhanced.
613 Strength Tap A target you touch loses 1d6 STR, which is transferred to you (up to your max STR).
614 Stumbling Steps A target you touch becomes deprived and loses 1 STR.
615 Stupefaction Target temporarily loses sense of place and time. WIL save to overcome.
616 Sudden Slumber Target falls asleep for 1d4 hours.
621 Summon Elemental A being of fire, wire, earth, or wind manifests from available matter to perform a single task for the caster. It follows this command against its will.
622 Sway Will A target is compelled to follow a stated course of action, without understanding why.
623 Temporary Reprieve Target regains any lost STR, but loses it again after a few minutes.
624 Terrify Targets within eyesight must pass a WIL save or flee.
625 Terrifying Illusion A target is hunted by a terrible creature only they can see. Its attacks do 1d12 damage; on Critical Damage they must pass a WIL save or become catatonic.
626 Thief’s Bane An object appears trapped, even to an experienced thief.
631 Thwart the Elements Damage from energy blasts are impaired against a target for the next hour.
632 Tongue of the Blue Serpent Rust-colored, serpentine letters materialize on a surface you choose. Anyone reading these words becomes immobilized unless they succeed a WIL save.
633 Torrential Moat You summon a powerful wind that deflects arrows, smaller creatures, and noxious gases.
634 Toxic Blast A small orb of acid deals 1d6 blast damage to a target.
635 Transform Aura Target’s aura is made non-magical or vice-versa.
636 True Name Determines the properties of a magical item you touch.
641 Trueshift A willing target takes on a new form (keeping only their WIL), but must pass a WIL save to shift out.
642 Twilight Steed Summons an arcane steed that never tires, but dissipates within daylight.
643 Ultimate Sacrifice The book’s holder transfer’s their life force into a corpse, reviving both body and soul.
644 Uncurse A person or object you touch is freed from a curse or nefarious spell.
645 Undefinable Target An ally becomes immune to mundane ranged attacks for one round.
646 Undeniable Courage Target passes next WIL save and their attacks are enhanced.
651 Unflappable Endurance Target does not take Fatigue from non-magical activities or become deprived until their next rest.
652 Vermin Plague Summons a swarm of bats, rats, spiders or similar creatures of your choice. They are harmless but distracting and hold no loyalty towards you or your allies.
653 Vines of Ichor You spread sticky spiderwebs on the walls, floor and ceilings within a 20ft radius.
654 Warrior’s Edge Target weapon is enhanced, and victim automatically fails a critical damage save.
655 Windborn You direct a powerful wind in a straight line, strong enough to blow over small boulders.
656 Winter’s Woe An icy storm assails multiple targets, obscuring visibility and making the ground icy and treacherous.
661 Witch Sight Magical auras become visible to you for one hour.
662 Wizard’s Exit You and and anyone you touch can flee to safety at double speed.
663 Wizard’s Grasp You control a phantasmal hand that can lift up to 5 pounds.
664 Wizard’s Haven A small, walled-in area cannot be scryed.
665 Wizardsniff You can feel any magic within a 60ft radius.
666 Word of Pain A single phrase from your lips does 1d12 blast damage. Affected targets are also deafened.