You are the Mercenary, the Barbarian, the Gladiator, The Knight.
You are the master of the arts of combat and warfare

Mercenary: You have a contact you can turn to in almost every city. They aren’t always happy to see you, though. Men blindly follow you in battle (they always pass morale saves).

Barbarian: Your place is in the wilderness, you despise civilization and fear magic. You drink blood like ale, regain 1d3 HP when you kill or CD an enemy. Your battle rage is so strong that you can harm creatures immune to mundane damage.

Gladiator: Your favorite weapon is an extension of you (your attacks are enhanced). You are a trained merciless killer. Your reputation is not always serving you and your former master is probably looking for you.

Knight: Your rank gives you credibility with the nobles. The peasantry will generally follow you into dangerous situations without the slightest hesitation. However if you fail them somehow, they may strip you of your rank. You are also a skilled horseman, your mounted attacks are enhanced.

Character creation

  • Start with 1d4+2 HP.
  • Swirl: do a Blast attack and gain 1 Fatigue.
  • Death Storm: when you kill or CD an enemy you can attack again.

Starting Gear

  • Roll 1d10+10 on the Armor Table.
  • Roll 1d10+10 on the Helmets and Shields Table.
  • Roll for Weapons and choose a second one.
  • Roll the rest as usual.


You are the Priest, the Druid, the Paladin.
You are a faithful servant of your deity. Battle ready to channel the power of your cult.

Priest: You always find help and resources in the temple of your deity but stay in line with the dogma of your religion or be disfavored. You can invoke the divine power, brandishing your holy symbol, to repel undead (creatures Save WIL to resist).

Druid: You belong to the wild lands and feel uncomfortable in cities. You worship the elements and the old bestial deities. You can communicate with animals and always find resources in the wilderness. You can shape-shift into your totem animal (get 1 Fatigue when you shift back).

Paladin: As a sacred warrior of your faith you will be obeyed by zealots. Priests will favor you but if you step out of the line you will fall in disgrace. You dedicate your life to the cult and sworn vow of humility (you should not hoard treasures). Once per day you can Lay on Hands on someone to cure disease, poison or heal 1d6 STR.

Character creation

  • Salvation Grace: heal 1D6 to any abilities but you became Deprived.
  • Miracles: you can choose 3 spells related to your religion to cast without Spellbooks while holding your holy symbol.

Starting Gear

  • You start with a holy symbol from your deity.
  • Roll 1d12+8 on the Armor Table.
  • Roll 1d12+8 on the Helmets and Shields Table.
  • Roll the rest as usual.
d20 Cleric Spells
1 Blessing
2 Cure-All
3 Curse Unlife
4 Fortify
5 Healing Grace
6 Induce Despair
7 Lichsense
8 Light Show
9 Linguist
10 Magic Seal
11 Master Undead
12 Otherworldly Gate
13 Passage
14 Perfect Preservation
15 Planar Anchor
16 Ravenless Message
17 Scrying Ward
18 Song of Repose
19 Uncurse
20 Word of Pain


You are the Wizard, the Necromancer, the Elementalist, the Enchanter.
You are the scholar of the arcane, you handle spells and magic like no one else.

Wizard: You have spent time in magic school and libraries, Your knowledge is broad and you often now something about old and forgotten things. You have a small magic creature as Familiar. You can communicate with it telepathically as long as you can see it. If it dies it can be re-summoned during an 8 hours ritual, you end up Deprived.

Necromancer: You manipulate the forces of life and death and have a sick attraction for undead creatures. You will be despised, banished or imprisoned in most settlements. You can speak with recently deceased corpses, they will talk to you like a friend. Get 1 Fatigue at the end of the conversation.

Elementalist: You summon the forces of the four elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air. You choose one element: You always have 3 Armor against it and your attack spells based on it are enhanced.

Enchanter: You have sharpened your magic ability to seduce and charm mundane creatures with your words. You can hypnotize an intelligent creature by holding a trinket and speaking directly to him/her. The creature is dazed and confused until a WIL Save is passed.

Character creation

  • Grimoire (Bulky). This is the fruit of your research and your most precious belongings (only you can decipher it). You can spend four hours to copy a standard Spellbook into your Grimoire followed by a successful WIL Save. During this process the original Spellbook is destroyed. Scrolls cannot be copied.
  • You are not comfortable wearing bulky armor. Spell casting wearing one will cost 2 Fatigue.

Starting Gear

  • You start with your Grimoire with a random spell inscribed..
  • Roll 1d6 on the Armor Table.
  • Don’t roll on the Helmets and Shields Table.
  • Roll the rest as usual.


You are the Rogue, the Assassin, the Ranger, the Tomb Robber.
You are the master of stealth, acrobatics and deception.

Rogue: The larcenous arts are your way of living, you have contacts with the mob in most cities, You always hear the best rumors and nice job proposals. You get cheap equipment from selected shops. Nevertheless, Your reputation will not help you with the authorities and you probably “wanted” somewhere. You know how to cut a purse and you have learned the mysteries of lock-picking. As accomplished burglars you can attempt to climb unthinkable sheer surfaces.

Assassin: You have learned many ways of killing, you are a deadly shadow. You still owe your mentors, probably a guild, and beware of the day they will hold you accountable. With the right ingredients you can brew all kinds of poison. With some observations and study you can create disguises that will fool detailed scrutiny.

Ranger: You are a protector of nature, you are a wilderness survival expert and you know how to travel fast and unnoticed. Always aware, you are rarely surprised. You have a semi intelligent faithful pet of your choice. You have a deep connection with him/her and you will always protect each other. Your pet will always find you back but if it dies you will need to raise a cub.

Tomb Robber: You are stealing things from the dead, they don’t need it after all. You are a specialist of underground exploration and ancient structures. You feel at home in dark and damp places. You have developed skills for disabling traps, only the most advanced one should catch you. You can smell Undead creatures when they are close.

Character creation

  • Backstab: when you attack an unaware opponent from behind you do STR damage.
  • Read languages: you can read approximately any text.

Starting Gear

  • You start with an Expeditionary Gear and a Tool of your choice.
  • Choose a Weapon.
  • Roll the rest as usual.